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Our major goal as foot and ankle specialists is to restore health to the foot and to prevent complications that could result in worsening conditions. Our objective is to analyze your foot issues and help solve them without surgery. If surgery is needed, there are many advantages to having your foot and ankle surgery performed by the experienced and skilled surgeon at Elite Foot and Ankle Center. Some of these advantages are:

Faster recovery

Most patients can begin walking immediately after surgery. Our surgeons use advanced techniques that allow for rapid healing and less pain. Getting you back to normal life as quickly as possible is our goal.

Advanced pain management

Our doctors minimize post-operative discomfort by using advanced pain management techniques. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a pain level between 1 and 3 following your foot or ankle surgery because of our skill?

Personalized treatment plan

We treat our patients “as if they were family” and you will receive your surgeon’s full attention before, during and after your procedure. If you will need an orthotic, our Durable Medical Equipment expertise is invaluable for comfortable custom orthotics.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our doctors focus on addressing the cause of your problem in order to achieve a long-term solution and help prevent a reoccurrence. For example, a flatfoot deformity (abnormal proration) is a common cause of bunions. If you have flatfoot deformity, you may be a candidate to have this corrected with a subtalar arthroesis procedure in conjunction with your bunion correction.

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