Elite Foot & Ankle


I needed a doctor who I felt was the “best” at evaluating the problem I was having with my feet AND who I felt would be able to “fix” my problem. I deliberately did not go to my general doctor because I wanted to see an expert in the field of foot problems. I read his biography online (and a few others). His info matched closely with the type of expertise I was looking for AND he was willing to accommodate my need to be seen the same day I called. He was thorough in understanding me, my activities, my pain and explaining what was happening to me and his plan of action to fix it. I gave him a timeframe we had to work within so that I could go on vacation and he was great about setting proper expectations for me.
He was truly a miracle worker to get me back on my feet and enjoying not just daily activities, but exercise again. I waited until after my vacation to write this evaluation because I wanted to make sure my foot problems were fixed. I still have to do morning exercises that he suggested and am using the Orthotics in my shoes – but it is so worth it to be able to stand and walk pain free again! I’ll be working with Dr. Simmons when I start training for my triathlon next year! Thanks Dr. Simmons and Nicole – you are the best!!!

– G. Knight 10/8/13