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My experience with the Channel 9 Health Fair

I would like to talk about my experience as a volunteer at the Channel 9 Health fair. Not to long ago I was lucky enough to be a volunteer physician for channel 9. The health fair for those of you that do not know is put on by our local television station. The fair is a place where people who have and do not have health insurance, can come and get their blood drawn. This blood work is then sent to the lab and a multitude of tests are performed. The patients can then get their results and share them with their family doctor and any other specialist that they see.  Also, there typically are other ancillary services available as well, such as physical therapy, message, and education on insurance.

I was able to provide many people with free foot screenings and simple evaluations. Most of the patients did not have any issues, but the few that did I was able to either help them or be sure they got to the correct people that could. During my time a saw quite a large number of people, these people would not have likely seen a foot and ankle specialist if it were not for the health fair.

logoI felt truly blessed to be able to help and educate those that attended the health fair.